By Jonathan Platt

When we get close to the end of Hurricane Season, we all wonder what to do with the supplies that we fortunately didn’t get to use.
Here’s a practical one that I particularly like because it can be reused year-round for any type of situation or entertainment event like indoor or outdoor birthday parties, BBQues, picnics and such: Sterno full- and half-size buffet kits that you can set on a table to keep foods warm and even slow-cook some recipes.
The kits include a newly designed folding rack for easy storage, standard size pans so the rack can be used over and over again, a water pan to keep food temperatures and textures uniform.


The kits also comes with Sterno’s gel fuel, a tried and true safe and reliable heating solution which you can find any where.
Just in time for the holidays, Sterno’s half-size buffet kit will be available at Wal-Mart stores and other retailers this month.
The suggested retail prices for these reusable and portable buffet kits are $15.99 to $19.99 (full-size) and $9.99 to $12.99 (half-size). .

Full-Size Buffet Kit (8-piece set)
1 reusable wire folding rack
1 full-size aluminum water pan
2 aluminum food pans
2 cans Sterno gel fuel
Plastic serving utensils
Half-Size Buffet Kit (4-piece set)
1 reusable wire folding rack
1 aluminum water pan
1 aluminum food pan
1 can Sterno gel fuel