venissa wineIl Golosario, the Guide to the good things of Italy edited by renowned food and wine experts Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti, has selected Venissa 2010 among the 100 best Italian wines.

Venissa , a 100% Dorona varietal  is made an ancient variety of grapes rediscovered by Gianluca Bisol in the remote Venetian  lagoon island of Mazzorbo.  The yellow berries native to Venice were cultivated on the lagoon islands up until 1400 after which all trace was lost. Listen to an interview with Gianluca Bisol on location at Venissa.

The full-bodied  golden yellow nectar-like wine exhibits notes of wild flowers and chamomile, apricot, quince, notes of dried fruit, walnut extract, nuances of rock salt and iodine. Velvet-textured,  it is full-flavored, with a lively acidity and a long finish. It is great as an aperitivo and pairs perfectly with fish and white meats.

The Il Golosario Top Hundred Award, now into its twelfth edition, will be presented during the official ceremony on Sunday 17th November 2013 in the AGORÀ area of Superstudio Più Milan during the ‘Golosaria’ event at the Papillon show that is running from November 16th to 18th.

Venissa is part of an ambitious project aimed at showcasing and enhancing the history and cultural heritage of Native Venice, an archipelago that includes the islands of Burano, Mazzorbo and Torcello. Gianluca Bisol has reclaimed the ancient walled vineyard of Venissa, owned by the municipality of Venice, on the island of Mazzorbo and it is here that the historical Venetian grape variety of Dorona has been planted. It was from this grape that Venissa, the Liquid Gold of Native Venice came into being, with the participation of Desiderio Bisol an innovative and authoritative oenologist and Roberto Cipresso a renowned international expert on terroir.

The second exclusive vintage of this great collector’s white wine is now available in the form of 3911 half-litre, 188 Magnum, 88 Jeroboam and 36 Imperial collector’s bottles made with gold leaf plated Murano glass – a creation of Giovanni Moretti. The label has been replaced by a precious sheet of pure gold leaf fashioned by the modern day descendent of the ancient Battiloro family of Venice. The leaf was applied by hand and the bottle was then re-fired in the ovens of the Carlo Moretti glassworks on the island of Murano.