Special is absolutely the word to describe these lovingly raised peppercorns from Kerala, India. Open the vacuum-sealed bag of Special Wynad Black or White Pepper and you are in an aromatic cloud that opens your senses in a way that only truffles can…

Grind some on any dish and find its flavors deepen and sing in your mouth.   Parameswaran's Special Wynad Black Pepper has vibrant spice, toasted nuts, ripe black and raspberry aromas, with mounting full heat and a lingering aftertaste of chocolate. Parameswaren's Wynad Pepper is one of the finest black pepper money can buy.

The Special Wynad White Pepper has explosive rich, exotic flavors of sandalwood, vanilla, and nutmeg without the expected white pepper burn.

They come all the way from the Wynad plateau of Kerala in India known for producing India's finest pepper. There they are organically grown and carefully harvested. But what makes these peppercorns so special is their extended time on the vine.

Parameswaran, the owner of the small plantation in the Wynad where he lives with his family, allows his pepper to grow until the berries are reddish and fully ripe. This makes harvesting more difficult because the vines must be picked numerous times as the berries ripen, not one time when all are green. After harvesting, the peppercorns are sun- dried, then vacuum-sealed to preserve their peak flavor and scent. The time and work is well worth it, as the berries have big, intense, complex flavor.

To produce the white pepper after harvesting, the ripe berries are soaked in 20 changes of spring water over 20 days. Once soaked, the outer skin of the berry is removed and the pepper is sun-dried and packed in the same way as the black.

The production of pepper of this quality is demanding and labor intensive. In the Wynad many households will pick a small quantity of these ripened berries for their private use, but Parameswaran is the only exporter of this fully-ripened pepper, making it rare and revered in the United States and around the world. Parameswaran's Special Wynad Pepper was featured as one of the best by Cook's Illustrated in 2008 and it still holds that accolade.

SALT TRADERS, global online purveyor --  to consumer and wholesale customers-- of exotic salt, pepper, and sugar has secured a limited supply of the black and white Parameswaran's Special Wynad peppercorns and offers them in  vacuum sealed 75 gram bags, as well as in  bulk zip bags.

It makes the perfect stocking stuffer gift idea for food lovers and home cooks.

Orders are accepted via or by calling 1-800-641-7258 (SALT).  Prices range from $9.50 to $370 (USD), excluding shipping.