Haven Gastro-Lounge’s Executive Chef Todd Erickson had added new dishes to this inventive menu.

The summer menu includes creative small plates such as ceviches like Shrimp & Grits and Seoul ; skewers of Grilled cheeses with tomato bisque or Bangkok with Nuoc mam marinated shrimp over salad; sliders including the New Orleans style Po-Boy; Haven’s version of Sushi like Beef Tataki drizzled with white truffle ponzu spiked with american sturgeon caviar or Spider with spicy katakuri ko dredged soft shell crab with avocado, sweet corn, and wasabi remoulade. There is fried squid and lots of salads.

Haven Gastro-Lounge , the intimate, modern culinary and nightlife spot which entrepreneur Mike Boles opened in May 2011,  with  Executive Chef Todd Erickson, is open seven days a week, 6 p.m. to 5 a.m.; the kitchen is open until midnight. 1237 Lincoln Road,  Miami Beach, FL 33139. 305.987.8885 ( for corporate and private event bookings  contact Josephine Kolley at 305.778.1065)