cristeta comerford 3Louisiana Seafood Marketing and Promotion Board and White House chef Cristeta Comerford were joined in New Orleans by chefs around the nation (John Folse-Folse & Company, John Besh-Besh Restaurant Group, Chris Lusk-Café Adelaide, Drew Dzejak-The Grill Room, Christopher Lynch & Baruch Rabasa-Meson 923 —from Louisiana;   Rick Tramonto—Chicago; Victor Albisu—Washington DC; Robert Wiedmaier—Washington DC; Jeff Tunks—Washington DC; Michelle Bernstein—Miami; Michael Schwartz—Miami; Peter Vauthy—Miami; James Siao—Phoenix; Brandon Boudet—Los Angeles; Dan Bugge; Chester Gerl—Seattle and Dean Dupuis—Oakland)  to promote the fact that, despite the BP oil spill, Gulf seafood is safe.

On Monday, September 13, the chefs prepared Gulf seafood dishes that they then took to a Block Party in St. Bernard Parish where the St. Bernard Project is helping families find post-Katrina housing opportunities.