babycake pop maker

You can now bake your cake in minutes, have fun and eat it without feeling guilty about adding too many calories to your daily diet or to your children’s snacks and parties or spending too much money on treats!

Since I received the Flip-Over Cake Pop Maker (MSRP $39.99) I can hardly conceive having a Halloween party without low fat, low sugar and delicious little pop cakes that can be decorated any way you dream of to the delight of grown-ups and kids!

The makers of the Babycakes appliances  manufactured by Select Brands, Inc.,   have come up with an easy to use, small baking appliance, similar to a sandwich grill,  that bakes perfectly-round golf ball size cakes or donut holes in minutes.

The non-stick coating makes baking and clean up fast and easy. It includes a rotating feature to ensure that evenly-browned cake pops every time, as well as accessories you need to bake and decorate cake pops or donut holes such as a Batter Bottle, 2 Cake Pop Stands, a Fork Tool and 50 Treat Sticks (6").

The manual includes a variety of tips, recipes and tricks to make from donut holes and Halloween treats to turkey meatballs and any other small bite you can experience with.  the Flip-Over Cake Pop Maker (MSRP $39.99) is a cost-effective, easy to use and versatile appliance that parents and kids will love.

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In addition to the Flip-Over Cake Pop Maker  The Babycakes line of appliances includes the Chocolatier (MSRP $9.99), a 20-ounce small pot used for melting chocolate for dipping cake pops, donuts and fruit;  The Waffle Stick Maker ($24.99) which makes five golden brown waffle sticks in minutes,  the Pie Maker ($29.99), great for making individual quiches, a Decoration Station, a Full-Sized Cupcake Maker, new baking mixes and new cookbooks.

Available online at and at nationwide retailers like Kohl's and Bed Bath & Beyond, the Babycakes appliances make a great and affordable  Xmas present.