panettone_veroPanettone is a holiday must and a tradition in over two thirds of the world. And since Thanksgiving is around the corner followed by Christmas, & New Year’s eve, what’s a better time than now for getting one...

Problem is… to resist indulging in one it until then.  And I don’t see why we should. What could be better than the tall and deliciously moist brioche-like cake studded with dried raisins and candied fruit, aromatic with orange and rich with egg and butter, for breakfast with coffee,  or as French toast, or as toasted croutons  in a salad or as dessert with a glass of Port, VinSanto or even prosecco?

A traditional medieval Italian recipe,  panettone was commercialized at the beginning of the 20th century by Angelo Motta who gave it it its tall domed shape by making the dough rise three times, or almost 20 hours, before cooking, giving it its now-familiar light texture. The recipe was adapted by commercial giants like Nestle and, by the end of World War II,  panettone was cheap enough for everyone and soon became the country's leading Christmas sweet.

Northern Italian immigrants imported their love of panettone to Argentina and Brazil  and today panettone – also known in Spanish as "Panetón" or "Pan Dulce" -- is a must at Christmas and New Year’s Eve  with cider, hot cocoa   or liquor in all of Latin America.

Made in the authentic Italian fashion, the Brazilian-made Bauducco Panettone — each Bauducco Panettone takes approximately 52 hours to make from start-to-finish, before they are allowed to cool, and are packaged for sale  — incorporates the highest quality ingredients like Sun-Maid raisins and candied fruit in the traditional panettone and – in a new take on tradition – Hershey's chocolate chips.

Great for inexpensive creative holiday recipes Bauducco Panettone also makes a creative and useful alternative to office gifts.   Bauducco Panettone Gran Natale, with almonds and a sugar glaze, comes in a premium package for an especially impressive gift. Pandoro, a new addition to the Bauducco family this year, is a specialty cake with powdered sugar frosting.
Bauducco Panettone is already available for the holiday season at grocery stores, drug stores and mass market retailers nationwide.