vinturiThis is it… The perfect gift for Dad… the Dad who loves to sip aged single malt, artisanal tequila, or Malagasy rum and Maker’s Mark Bourbon; for a Dad who likes cocktails or just an occasional after dinner drink.

It is a great gift for both the Dad who doesn’t necessarily want to buy the most expensive bottle and the Dad who doesn’t mind paying a premium price for his high-end spirit.

Actually it is also the perfect gift for both giver and receiver. That’s because the Vinturi Spirit Aerator can be purchased for under $30.

The pioneer of the patented Vinturi Red and White Wine Aerators has come up with The Vinturi Spirit Aerator, a gadget that instantly decants fine liqueurs and spirits, from cognac, Scotch, Port, and whiskey to bourbon, vodka, gin, brandy or sake.

This innovative bar tool has the ability to aerate liqueurs and spirits in a free-flow movement, intensifying their color, opening the nose and palate, and extending their finish, thus enhancing the taste experience.  

With a convenient built-in jigger to measure out servings and a sleek, compact transparent vinyl design, the Vinturi Spirit enables you to sip your drink right away instead of having to endlessly swirl it in your glass before you get the harshness out.

vinturi 2I did the old comparative study: non-aerated to aerated single shot taste test with cognac and whiskey. It actually brings out the floral notes in the Cognac, smoothes the palate and the finish is endless and utterly enjoyable.  As for the higher end 18 year-old Macallan single malt, the aerated scotch was by far smoother, more buttery and immensely more enjoyable than its un-aerated version.

To quote a user’s comment on , «The 12 year old scotch is good on the rocks and with a splash of water. The aerator turned a 12 year old scotch into a very close 15/16 year old scotch. All the little notes of flavor came to live, I won't say it is perfect but a cheaper bottle of scotch in my cabinet just payed for this little aerator. All the harshness and lingering after taste of the 12 year old scotch, just melted away. I can put the max of 2 full jiggers, or more :), and know that what comes out will be a nice drink all around. »

Another user on explains : « Aeration triggers oxidation and evaporation which means in part, that some of the unpalatable compounds in your drink will be diminished. Young wine/whisky/spirit often have a lot of ethanol notes; that harsh rubbing alcohol smell/taste. Ethanol is very volatile so it really diminishes with aeration & allows the "good" flavors to come thru. This is why many of the "young" wine/whisky/spirit taste significantly better after aeration. It won't make a crap beverage taste like ambrosia but it will take an average one & make it better. »

vinturi 3Dad will have a lot of fun with his friends, testing spirits before and after, and making them guess what the pour is.  If he likes what he already drinks what an aerator can do is make it even better.  Doesn’t Dad deserve that ?

The Vinturi spirit aerator is a simple gadget, with a manual stopper and a magnetic release button that conveniently rests on a stand.  It replaces the traditional jigger for measuring with markings on the bowl identifying 1, 1-1/2 and 2 oz. servings. It is machine washable but just running fresh water through it after every use will keep it clean and pretty durable.

The Vinturi spirit aerator is available for $29.95 suggested retail at Brookstone, Bed Bath & Beyond, Chef’s Catalog, Macy’s (select stores), Sur La Table, and other key retailers nationwide. It is $25 on



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