avocado ice cream

Try to be different this 4th of July with avocado – and other tropical fruit –  ice cream

Although commonly used for salads and dips, the ripe, buttery texture and mild, nut-like flavor of avocado makes a surprisingly delicous ice cream. The sensuous creaminess of the avocado and its lovable hint of herbs and freshness is definitely enhanced in a gelato.

Like gelato, Magnolia Avocado Ice Cream has only 220 calories per half cup.  With avocado being the third ingredient after calcium rich milk and cream you get  essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, potassium, and vitamins C, E, K, and B6and -- all in the form of ice cream!

Magnolia Ice Cream by Ramar Foods; a California based gourmet food company for over 40 years;  is making 18 all-natural tropical ice creams -- in buckets and as milk bars --  with pasture-raised dairy and whole fruit purees made from tropical fruits exclusively imported from the Philippines.

thai tea icea creampurple-yam


My favorites:  Azuki Red Bean,  cashew-langka (jackfruit ice cream with cashews),  green tea,  Thai Chi Iced Tea; lychee,  coconut, taro and mais queso – which is made with sweet yellow corn – and cheese ice cream;  ube – a sweet, deep purple yam that grows throughout Southeast Asia and Peru;   and buko pandan, a coconut-flavored ice cream sweetened by the pandan leaf – the  vanilla of Asia.


About Ramar Foods

Ramar Foods traces its roots back to 1969 when Ramon and Maria Quesada started a little business selling Filipino handicrafts at a San Jose street market in California. Soon afterward, that little business, known as Orientex®, found a home in Mountain View, California and began importing various frozen and dry goods, along with traditional handicrafts.

Primo Quesada, the sixth of eleven Quesada children, decided to focus the company’s direction on flavors from Asia and the Philippines and has taken Ramar Foods into a national realm of distribution and renown. The company uses time-tested family recipes for its products and prides itself on high-quality ingredients and care for dedicated customer service.

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