The Wine Diaper to Transport Your Wine Safely

Traveling with wine is a tricky prospect when you check your wine purchases in your suitcase. How do you ensure that your wine will arrive safely when your suitcase is thrown on to luggage belts and jostled inside airplanes? You need to find a way to protect your wine bottles, and also make sure that your clothes won't be ruined if they do get broken.

How Do You Protect Your Wine While Traveling? 

Diapering your wine bottles will help protect them from breakage and absorb up the liquid should something still cause damage to the bottle. The Wine Diaper's patented design will cradle your wine in a padded container and contains absorbent material to quickly soak up any spills, helping to safeguard clothing and other valuables in your suitcase.

You Can Use It Again and Again

A wine travel bag like the Wine Diaper is an inexpensive and lightweight solution to give you the ultimate protection for your breakable purchases: wine, liquor, perfume, oil, vinegar, any liquid you purchase that may be contained in a breakable bottle. As an added bonus, the Wine Diaper has a resealable closure, so if no spillage occurs, you can use it again and again!

3 Pack of Wine Diapers for $15
10 Pack of Wine Diapers for $40
25 Pack of Wine Diapers for $75