Delicious Almondina® Cookies “Without The Guilt

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almondina 1What do Almond cookies have in common with music? A conductor by the name of Yuval Zaliouk.  A musician, self-described gourmet cook turned entrepreneur, and certainly a gourmand,  he based the recipe for Almondina  cookies on his grandmother Dina Nathanson’s  “Petit gateau sec” (hence the name Almond-Dina.)

This now commercial product — it is produced in a 18,000 sq foot bakery in Ohio — is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an All-Natural Anniversary  cookie.

Paper thin and crunchy, studded with plenty of toasted slivers of almonds and other yummy things such as pistachios, raisins or coconut, pumpkin spice or sesame among others, each Almondina® cookie is about 30 calories. While packing a load of taste it has no fat or salt, no cholesterol  or transfats. And  they are Kosher and Pareve (non-dairy) to boot.    Click here for a Rachel Ray video.

They make great and healthy snacks; and for those who are mercifully possessed of self-control, Almondina® is truly the “Cookie Without the Guilt” as advertised.  I found them addictive…

The cookies are found in major food stores, from Whole Foods to Publix, Winn-Dixie and Marshalls among others.