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Aska Eleivana? Is that in Gipuzkoa - the Euskadi language from the Basque country in Spain - or some other ancient Magyar-rooted language?
“It’s an Estruscan word meaning ‘Container of olive oil’,” explained producer Alessandro Tognetti at a tasting at Bice, Hotel Vitor in south Beach. “They were the ones who established olive cultivation between 600 and 550 BC all over the Mediterranean, beginning with Italy...” he continued as Chef Rosario Corrado from Bice,  his wife and daughter looked on with rapture.
At “Alex”, his Michelin-rated restaurant in Tonfano, Marina di Pietrasanta, Tuscany  Mr. Tognetti created a sensation and a media blitz when he started drizzling it over products imported from the US like Alaskan King Crab, Stone Crab and Maine lobsters. "if I import food from the US and Italians love it, the US will love importing my olive oils," he chuckled.
oil aska 2Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva 100% Italiano "Aska Eleivana"  is a blend of oils entirely produced from olives grown in Tuscany from the varieties Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio. He says he sources the best olives from the best groves and has a permanent contract with different “frantoio” or olive presses around the region to provide him with the pick of the crops. “This way, I don’t have to rely on just one or two producers whose groves can be affected by weather or diseases, and I can ensure a steady production for export,” he says.
The Aska Eleivana labels are paintings by Domenico Monteforte, a renowned Tuscan artist whose works are exhibited at Palazzo Madama in Rome and  who, Tognetti says, contributes  his designs to the labels of Sassicaia, the Super-Tuscan produced by Antinori in Bolgheri.
Two labels: Excellence and Prestige (both approx $25 for 1 pt.0.9 fl oz.) are complex and well-balanced, buttery, herbal and fruity — one more peppery than the other—,  both with 0.34% acidity —well below the required 1% for extra virgin olive oils) aand are well suited to finish seafood, grilled meats, steamed vegetables, pastas and salads.
For information on where to purchase and on tastings, contact: Alessandro Tognetti at  or 305-898-8346, or his importer Paolo Benassi at   or 954-624-8204
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