By now Thanksgiving is barely a thought and all antennae are pointing to Xmas and to affordable presents.  One of the best gifts to give your loved ones and friends is a Sachi bag.
It sounds like Satchi, the elegant.classic and top-notch leather fashion bags which first originated in Shanghai.  But these are Sachi, without the t.
They’re gorgeous, original, fashionable and… totally insulated. What better way to tote around your lunch?
I got a cool pink one with a dark brown rim for my 20-something daughter who said that it was too nice for sandwiches only and that she was going to use it as a purse! Coming from another century, I never seem to land the right accessory and for once, she fully appreciated a fashion gift from me.
Good bye brown bags and plastic bags. I am now taking a super cool zebra-patterned Sachi bag to work. No one knows what’s in it: a left over spinach quiche; a salad with a pouch of dressing; a bottle of homemade carrot/apple juice; a peeled orange alongside my wallet, eye glasses, my cell phone and a little cosmetic bag.
And when not at work, I just love showing off with these original bags (around $19.99)
For information or to purchase directly, call Sachi Bags at 262-537-2191. They are also available at