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Mangoes have dazzled palates across the globe for centuries with their aroma, taste, texture, and seemingly endless shapes, sizes, and colors. In Miami alone there are over 250 varieties. Miami-based writer, critic, poet and educator Jen Karetnick is the award-winning author of nine books, including three this year alone: the recently published book Mango and two volumes  Prayer of Confession and Brie Season about to be released.
Jen’s nickname, Mango Mama, could not be more appropriate! Jen lives on the last acre of a historic mango plantation with her husband, two children; three dogs; four cats; and fourteen mango trees!  By the time July comes around, Jen uses mangoes in the most unexpected ways, in just about everything, cocktails, smoothies, savory and sweet dishes.
Along with her own recipes which she has developed over the years, the book Mango features recipes from a group of Jen’s buddies who happen to be Miami's most celebrated chefs.
From smoothies to cocktails, from mango blintzes to jerked grouper with mango-fig chutney, and mangozpacho (mango-infused gazpacho)--this book is  the ultimate book on Mango. It is delightfully written, based on serious research and highlights  all those chefs and mixologists who are striving to use our local products in their cuisines.
Click here for Jen’s recipe for frozen mango sangría, or “Mangría,” 

The Marchesi Fumanelli family have been cultivating grapes and producing prestigious wines since 1470, in the heart of the most classical Valpolicella, on a hilltop eight miles North West of Verona surrounded by vineyards, cherry and cypress trees. But it is really since 1998, that they have become competitive in the modern wine arena.

With 78 acres of estate grown fruit within the walls of their ancient property, Fulmanelli combines traditional and modern techniques to produce the classical Valpolicella wines, keeping faithful to their terroir../../index-php/cellar/._nbsp.css; Armando Pirola Fumanelli,  the scion of a long line of Marchesi, is in Miami to launch his new association with Pasternak Imports../../index-php/cellar/._nbsp.css;    

Fumanelli is one of the region’s largest family owned wineries, and also the most historic . The name Valpolicella means in Latin and Greek  “Valley of Many Cellars.”  Listen as Marchese Fumanelli talks about his ancient cellars and the vestiges of Roman ruins found on his historic property.

At a luncheon we tasted several of his delicious wines, all made with native grapes, according to the very strict regulations imposed by the Valpolicella association../../index-php/cellar/._nbsp.css;  Listen as he talks about Amarone, the appasimento – drying of the grapes – methods.



Marchesi Fumanelli wines tasted:

Terso Bianco Veneto 2009 IGT 50% Garganega; 50% Trebbiano 5
 Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2012 DOC , Corvina 40%, Corvinone 50% and Rondinella 10-20%
Squarano Classico DOC superiore
 Amarone Della Valpolicella DOC Classico 2008 , Corvina 30 – 40%, Corvinone 50% and Rondinella 10-20%
Octavius Amarone della Valpolicella DOC Classico Riserva  2007

 Photos: Simone Diament, SFG



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