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Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi in The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club,   

1720 Collins Avenue, South Beach,   305.534.7905

A rare opportunity for hearty, healthy fare at very affordable prices.


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By Simone Zarmati Diament

photos: Simone Z. Diament

Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi's  owners Nathan Lieberman, Chef Daniel Diaz and the newly appointed Chef de Cuisine, Pablo Fueguel, bring to Collins Avenue the first Korean BBQ + Sushi concept in Miami Beach and a  rare opportunity for a hearty, healthy meal at very affordable prices.

A delicate green touch in the amp-charged, hungry-tourist prowling jungle on Collins Ave.,  and another first in the ultimately urban environment of Miami Beach: The revamped Seoul Food menu offers a variety of meat and seafood dishes prepared with authentic traditional Korean sauces and seasonings made in house with herbs -- such as Thai basil, lemongrass, rosemary, mint and Chinese spinach among others -- grown outside on the Catalina Hotel premises!

There's something for every taste at this indoor/outdoor eatery. In addition to a vast sushi menu that offers options from the traditional to the creative, the menu begins with hot or cold appetizers such as deliciously tender under a crunchy crust Miso Eggplant $5; Tempura Rock Shrimp $10; Taipei Turkey Meatballs with Tangsuyuk red pepper sauce $8; Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice $15; Tuna & Avocado in crispy wontons and carrot ginger $16; and Yellowtail Sashimi (with szechuan pepper ponzu) $17.


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But one of the best bets on the menu is one of the huge and delicious Ramen Noodle Bowls ($12 TO $13) −  Korean Chicken, Roasted Pork, Fresh Vegetables, Shrimp  – a satisfying meal in itself filled with the protein of your choice and a deeply rich broth with bean sprouts, shredded carrot, baby bok choy ,  scallions  and a  side of chili sauce. Then there’s a long Pad Thai listing of stir-fried noodles ($15) and  a Light-On-The-Spice section 

For the figure watching, salads ($8 to $10) range from Kung Fu Salad (mixed garden lettuces, grape, tomatoes, bean sprouts, snap peas, cucumbers, toasted peanuts and peanut dressing) and Seaweed Salad with apple noodles and sesame lime dressing to Asian Kale Caesar.

The diner’s choice of Seoul Food –  . Beef Short Rib ($16); Fresh Salmon Filet ($15); Baby Back Ribs ($17); Jumbo Shrimp ($16); Skirt Steak ($18) and Half BBQ Chicken ($16) − is glazed with Bulgogi BBQ sauce, and served with sweet potato fries, Asian slaw and banchan.

Bahn Mi Sandwiches served on a fresh baked French baguette, with Asian slaw and a side of sweet potato fries include Dirty South Pulled Pork (Korean BBQ meets Ssamjang chili sauce, house picked cucumbers and carrots, homemade kimchi) $12; Grilled Bulgogi Prawn (cilantro lime aioli, radish sprouts, pickled carrots and daikon, fresh cilantro and scallions) $14 and Tapei Turkey Meatball (Tangsuyuk red pepper sauce, beans sprouts and pickled vegetables) $12. Then there’s “The best Chinese Buns on The Beach”  ($9 to $12) : Galbi Short Rib (Ssamjang chili sauce, crispy shallots, homemade pickles); Pulled Herb Chicken (Ssamjang chili sauce, homemade pickles and carrots); Ssam Pulled Pork (Korean BBQ sauce, homemade pickles, fresh herbs); Crispy Fish (cilantro lime oil, homemade pickles, kimchi tartar sauce) and Soft Shell Crispy Crab (house made spicy mayo, radish sprouts and fresh herbs).

This is a Korean restaurant so the menu goes on and on so you will want to come back for Thai Tacos ($12 - $ 14) served as three corn or whole wheat, crispy or soft tacos with a side of banchan listing Fresh Ahi Tuna (creamy chili dressing, tempura flakes, fresh avocado, Asian slaw and a crispy shell); Deng Shim Gui Grilled Steak (Ssamjang chili sauce, Asian slaw pickled vegetables, fresh sprouts); Gabli Short Rib (Ssamjang chili sauce, kimchi, shaved red onion, fresh herbs) and Tempura Shrimp tender and moist in a crispy crust with Dynamite sauce, mango slaw, daikon and scallions.

Desserts are composed of refreshing ice creams and sorbets, including green tea, and other expected sweet endings from the next door restaurant.


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Kung Fu Kitchen & Sushi , The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club, at 1720 Collins Avenue, South Beach,     305.534.7905 .

Open daily from 5:00pm until 2:00am. 

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Indoor and outdoor patio seating.