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It was April Fools’ Day and the Richter Library at the University of Miami was packed with students, staff, faculty, and a large crowd of curious who had come to have a good laugh at the Edible Book Festival. The only rules were that it must be edible, must look like a book, reference a character or scene, or represent a pun on a book title (War &Pizza, Brothers Karamatzah, etc…) and be funny!

“Come early before they eat them,” warned Barbara Gutierrez of UM.  “Which will happen right after the vote,”  urged Cristina Favretto, head of Scpecial collections at the University of Miami Library.  The public was invited to vote for the Whittiest Pun, Most book-Like and Best in Show categories.

What caught my attention right away was Tequila Mockingbird — an elaborate spoof on Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize classic published in 1960. “Authors” Ashley and Linda Ford —mother and daughter team — had literally “translated “ the book into an edible display of a tequila bottle spilling in a pond of caramelized sugar next to a drunken chocolate bird, sprawled belly-up in the center of tequila shots made from caramelized sugar.

Then was an orange cake replicating the cover of the book : The Da Vinci Cod by Dan Prawn, created by a very serious Scott Britton in a suit and tie, a librarian who didn’t want to be photographed, and Kurt Vonnegut, a selected bibliomenu by student Vanessa Rodriguez with pancakes looking like the face of a clock and more odd elements.

While student Erica Moussa’s minimalistic Gone with the Wind consisted of a paper plate sprinkled with crumbs next to a fan and the back of the book; her Let it Rot! The Gardners’ Guide to Composting was an elaborate and creative structure, in the picture.

I didn’t stay to find out who the winner was; the artists had so much fun that I crowned all them all  — after all it is not the goal that counts but the road to reach it that’s the real deal … nor did I attempt to taste the edible books. But I certainly am looking forward to next year’s.


 N.B. In a recent e-mail Ms. Favretto writes: " ....Our "Wittiest Pun" prize went to Ashley and Linda Ford, and both "Most Book-Like" and "People's Choice" went to "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by the CookieCanes, three sophomores who share an abode and a love of cake shows on the Food Network."                       
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Vanessa Rodriguez: Eat this BookThe Hungry Mouse by the CookieCanes; Vanessa Rodriguez & Eowyn Osorio: The Fran with Four Brains                                                                      

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The DaVinci Cod by Scott Britton;  Kurt Vonnegut, a selected bibliomenu by Vanessa Rodriguez; Tequila Mockingbird by Ashley and Linda Ford


dsc09124 dsc09127 dsc09128 Grace Barnes: Tortilla Flat; Gone with The Wind and Let it Rot! The Gardners' Guide to Composting by Erica Moussa