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An interview with John McReynolds, author of The Stone Edge Farm Cookbook


Sonoma's Stone Edge Farm Estates, a producer of Bordeaux-style red wines, located on 16 acres in Sonoma Valley, isn't just another winery.  It is a world unto its own with, in addition to grapes, more than 100 different varieties of organically grown vegetables, olives, herbs, eggs and honey.

Now the culinary director John McReynolds has put his recipes into a gorgeous coffee table book, "The Stone Edge Farm Cookbook"  which just won the prestigious  International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) award for cookbook of the year.

The cover of the book is the gorgeous photo of a hen or a rooster strolling in the shady canopy of the property’s underwood.   It beckons the reader to enter the magical world of this special terroir-- the place that is Stone Edge Farm today. It summarizes John McReynolds’ culinary  life which began way before he graduated from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, in 1982, as Julia and Paul Child’s protégé. . Through its amazing, user friendly recipes,  from yogurt based salad dressing and low far milk panna cotta to Cabernet braised ribs and  wild salmon with corn and tomato onion vinaigrette which can be also used in pasta, John, the founding chef and co-owner for 10 years of Cafe La Haye, in downtown Sonoma  has recreated the farm and the taste of wine,  olive oil, honey, and the heirloom vegetables grown on the property.

This is a heavy book--over 6 lbs on the bathroom scale!  With 12 chapters and 372-pages and 102 primary recipes and 300 color photographs by Leslie Sophie Lindell  interspersed with essays on gardening by Colby Eierman, a winemaking essay by winemaker Jeff Baker, and a vineyard essay and a poem about terroir by viticulturist Phil Coturri.