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in a nutshell

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All about nuts with Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian, authors of  "In a Nutshell--Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds"


Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian first met 18 years ago as chef-instructors at ICE (Institute of Culinary Education). They bonded over their shared passion for cooking with nuts and seeds which has now translated into a comprehensive cookbook, In a Nutshell--Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds.

Humans have been eating nuts and seeds since prehistoric times. They're loaded with nutrients and protein, and have a rich, satisfying flavor. And now these two chefs have given us more than 250 recipes exploring the culinary and cultural history of these natural gifts.

In a Nutshell is the ultimate culinary guide for using these wonderful, healthful ingredients in inventive, sophisticated, and mouth-watering recipes from Almond-Crusted Mac-and-Cheese to Pistachio Biryiani. Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan, or a meat eater, you'll find yourself turning to this book over and over as you prepare meals large or small.

Click here for Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian's recipe of Farro-ChickpeaSalad with Sunflower Seeds from their book "In a Nutshell--Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds".