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All about nuts with Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian, authors of  "In a Nutshell--Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds"


Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian first met 18 years ago as chef-instructors at ICE (Institute of Culinary Education). They bonded over their shared passion for cooking with nuts and seeds which has now translated into a comprehensive cookbook, In a Nutshell--Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds.

Humans have been eating nuts and seeds since prehistoric times. They're loaded with nutrients and protein, and have a rich, satisfying flavor. And now these two chefs have given us more than 250 recipes exploring the culinary and cultural history of these natural gifts.

In a Nutshell is the ultimate culinary guide for using these wonderful, healthful ingredients in inventive, sophisticated, and mouth-watering recipes from Almond-Crusted Mac-and-Cheese to Pistachio Biryiani. Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan, or a meat eater, you'll find yourself turning to this book over and over as you prepare meals large or small.

Click here for Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian's recipe of Farro-ChickpeaSalad with Sunflower Seeds from their book "In a Nutshell--Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds".



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Kris Wessel, Chef/Owner of Oolite Restaurant and Bar - Miami Beach - sophisticated yet healthy, gluten free dishes with unprocessed ingredients

Chef Kris Wessel, a 3rd generation Floridian raised in New Orleans, and a renowned  restaurateur in Miami, recently opened Oolite on Miami Beach, off Lincoln Road, next to the Fillmore Theater, and across the street from the Miami Convention Center.  The James Beard nominated chef and his partners have housed  the 284-seat healthy dining restaurant  – Oolite received 3.5 stars in the Miami Herald and raves from – in a Frank Gehry building with an Urban Chic atmosphere,  warm woods, sleek design, a large bar and an adjacent Jazz club.

The focus of the sophisticated global menu is healthy, gluten free, dishes using local and unprocessed ingredients, prepared with time tested approaches to production including slow cooking, poaching, steaming, smoking, grilling, dehydrating and preserving.

img_1585From sandwiches to desserts, nothing on the menu contains gluten--not even the spaghetti or the flat breads.

 Listen as chef Kris Wessel describes the philosophy behind his menu. 

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An American in Paris: an  interview with  Chef David Lebovitz, author of "My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories"


An American in Paris – It’s been ten years since Chef David Lebovitz packed up his most treasured cookbooks, a well-worn cast-iron skillet, and his laptop and moved to Paris. The former pastry chef at Chez Panisse, multiple cookbook author, and well-known food blogger has just published My Paris Kitchen, Recipes and Stories that reflect the way Parisians eat today and feature lush photography taken in David's Parisian kitchen and around Paris.

David is a born storyteller as well as a brilliant chef. His vignettes and stories preceding each recipe take us into his life even as he’s waxing poetic about why the world’s best butter is salted. His book is about his culinary love affair with his adopted city, with all its beauty and quirks.  Listen as chef David Lebovitz reflects on salted butter and matters as crucial as if there is such a thing as French food and talks about abut his recipes, classical and others.

At a time when French cuisine is accused of  serving ready-made meals produced offsite at large industrial kitchens and wasting away its culinary supremacy,  Chef Lebovitz writes about the benefits of change and of  open air marchés or farmers markets where the farmers’ stands often have the longest lines.

Click here for David Lebovitz's  recipe of  Croque Monsieur - Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich from his most recent book: "My Paris Kitchen, Recipes and Stories." 

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An interview with Chef Todd Erickson, Haven Gastropub and HuHua Taqueria, South Beach.  Playing with food is a serious and delicious business


Chef Todd Erickson was already a culinary star in Dallas, Texas as Executive Chef of Hector's on Henderson before making his Miami debut in 2011 at the celebrity restaurant Zuma. Later that same year he partnered with hospitality and design entrepreneur Mike Boles to open Haven South Beach Gastropub  which became almost instantly one of the hottest watering holes in South Beach.

While the scene at Haven is more akin to that of a lounge than a restaurant, with its in-house DJ, TV-screen walls and social media happenings, the food and the cocktails at the hands of this talented chef are divine.

Chef Erickson is serious about having fun with food as he creates dishes like crackle-pop roll--a spicy tuna roll with Rice Krispies for that crackle and tempura for the pop. His passion for excellence shines through an exciting list of small global plates which resonate well with Miami’s multi-cultural crowd. They’re beautifully presented, and exotic with ingredients from different cultures, mixed and matched for delicious results.

HaVen is located on the corner of Lincoln and West at 1237 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.

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An interview with  Chef Tim Andriola, Basil Park and Timo in Sunny Isles, FL - The magic of good food for health and cheer enjoyment


More and more restaurants are focusing on health these days.  It may sound stern and a tad bleak but at Basil Park, the newest endeavor from restaurateurs Tim Andriola and Rodrigo Martinez, next door to the immensely popular Timo in Sunny Isles, every item of the healthy, nutrient rich “intact cuisine”, is a treat: from drinks to desserts, you won’t find flour, sugar, milk or any adulterated ingredients.

Chef Andriola makes good-for-you food come alive with flavor influences from the Mediterranean, Asia and Latin America and with  clever touches like cashew-based "cream."

Every aspect of health and well being were thought of, from the design of the kitchen to the local organic produce, micro greens and other farm ingredients which Farmer/partner Tamer Harpke of Harpke’s Family Farm in Hollywood  provides daily. The menu which features rotisserie pasture raised natural chicken, grass-fed meats a la plancha, sustainable seafood and a vast array of vegetarian dishes, also features  raw organic cold pressed juices from the juice bar, organic almond milk, cashew cream and cheese , organic wines, organic beer and sake.

Basil Park is located at 17608 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles and is open daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

olive lemon zaatar

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An interview with  Chef Rawia Bishara of Tanooreen, Brooklyn, NYC and author of  Olives, Lemons & Za’atar: The Best Middle Eastern Home Cooking


Food lovers have been visiting the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn for more than 15 years now--long before Brooklyn became the food Mecca it is today-- seeking out the smoky eggplant, richly spiced lamb kibbie and homemade flatbreads  at Tanoreen, the neighborhood’s much loved Middle Eastern and recently Michelin-rated  restaurant.

Now, Rawia Bishara, chef and co-owner, has collected her favorite recipes into a cookbook, Olives, Lemons & Za’atar: The Best Middle Eastern Home Cooking. In addition to being a personal scrapbook of sorts, with glimpses of another lifestyle at  another time, and memories of her Palestinian upbringing in the town of Nazareth in Galilee, the book is filled with more than 100 recipes reflect traditional preparations that Bishara learned cooking with her family in Nazareth, as well as contemporary takes and influences from other cultures like chicken tagine, a typically Moroccan dish, and salmon in pesto which Rawia incorporated into her cooking when she arrived in the U.S.


Click here for the recipe of  Eggplant Napoleon, one of Rawia's signature dishes at Tanoreen.


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An interview with  Maria Elia, Chef, and author of  Smashing Plates--Greek Flavors Redefined


If you think Greek food is all moussaka, souvlaki and baklava, think again! In her latest book, Smashing Plates--Greek Flavors Redefined, Maria Elia's classical training in French cuisine and in places like El Bulli and Arzak in Spain, shine through 140  inventive and beautifully presented recipes – i.e. carrot keftedes with pomegranate skordalia, rabbit and white bean baklava with lemon chard salad, a pulled lamb burger with beetroot tzatziki, and a tahini, chocolate and lime cake.  

smahing platesShe indeed smashes outdated notions of traditional Greek food and turns ingredients into something quite original --still Greek, but thoroughly modern and with bold flavors--like seared scallops with watermelon or zucchini-coated calamari – one can actually enjoy at Jimmy’s Restaurant at the Landing Resort and Spa in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Smashing Plates takes the home cook to a whole new world of Greek cooking.  With chapters on small plates, sharing plates, side plates, and sweet plates and over 100 gorgeous photographs of locations and people, this book will transport you to the fresh flavors of Cyprus and the Greek islands.

In addition to her popular cookbooks, Modern Vegetarian and Full of Flavor, Maria Elia was head chef at Delfina and at the acclaimed Whitechapple Gallery Dining Room in London. She has appeared on numerous television programs in Great Britain, and has contributed to a wide variety of publications from "the Guardian" to "BBC Good Food.”

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An interview with John McReynolds, author of The Stone Edge Farm Cookbook


Sonoma's Stone Edge Farm Estates, a producer of Bordeaux-style red wines, located on 16 acres in Sonoma Valley, isn't just another winery.  It is a world unto its own with, in addition to grapes, more than 100 different varieties of organically grown vegetables, olives, herbs, eggs and honey.

Now the culinary director John McReynolds has put his recipes into a gorgeous coffee table book, "The Stone Edge Farm Cookbook"  which just won the prestigious  International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) award for cookbook of the year.

The cover of the book is the gorgeous photo of a hen or a rooster strolling in the shady canopy of the property’s underwood.   It beckons the reader to enter the magical world of this special terroir-- the place that is Stone Edge Farm today. It summarizes John McReynolds’ culinary  life which began way before he graduated from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, in 1982, as Julia and Paul Child’s protégé. . Through its amazing, user friendly recipes,  from yogurt based salad dressing and low far milk panna cotta to Cabernet braised ribs and  wild salmon with corn and tomato onion vinaigrette which can be also used in pasta, John, the founding chef and co-owner for 10 years of Cafe La Haye, in downtown Sonoma  has recreated the farm and the taste of wine,  olive oil, honey, and the heirloom vegetables grown on the property.

This is a heavy book--over 6 lbs on the bathroom scale!  With 12 chapters and 372-pages and 102 primary recipes and 300 color photographs by Leslie Sophie Lindell  interspersed with essays on gardening by Colby Eierman, a winemaking essay by winemaker Jeff Baker, and a vineyard essay and a poem about terroir by viticulturist Phil Coturri.



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Drinking your wine and keeping it too: An interview with Greg Lambrecht, Inventor, Founder and Chairman of Coravin System
Drinking your wine and keeping it too: An interview with Greg Lambrecht, Inventor, Founder and Chairman of Coravin System


How would you like to taste a wine without pulling out the cork?  I know I would.  As a wine writer at I have to taste hundreds of wines before I write about them, and I hate to waste the bottle if I can’t drink it all. Because once you pull the cork, the wine comes into contact with air and oxidation begins.

When I saw the Coravin in action in a wine bar that recently opened in Coral Gables, I felt that that was the answer. The Coravin System enabled the wine director to serve pours of the store’s finest bottles and safekeep the rest for the following days, or weeks without fear of oxidation.  Before inventing Coravin and becoming the Chairmain of Coravin Systems, Greg Lambrecht -- Inventor, Entrepreneur, Medical Device & Consumer Product executive -- was President & CEO of Intrinsic Therapeutics, Inc. 

The French press hailed it as a revolution in the wine world.   Robert Parker gave Coravin kudos for what he called “the most transformational and exciting new product for wine lovers that has been developed or invented in the last 30-plus years.”    

At a luncheon at The Cypress Room in Miami  with staunch supporter Erik Larkee, sommelier and wine director at Miichael's Genuine Food & Drink Group,  Greg tells how with Coravin, he has made every wine lover and wine collector’s dream come true: having your wine and keeping it too.  

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