das-cuisineBeginning Monday, March 3 through Sunday, April 27, Whole Foods Markets  in Florida are celebrating Ethiopian traditions and cuisine at each location’s Hot Bar with ‘wats’, that is stews or curries,  like  Loze Wat – peanut and chicken stew; Doro Wat – spicy chicken stew with unique flavor from berbere chili powder, black cumin seed, cardamom and onion; Gomen – collard greens cooked with garlic, ginger, caraway and cardamom.  

There is Kik – yellow split peas with turmeric and fresh ginger  and  Beef Mafe, a beef  and peanut sauce stew, onions, tomato, potatoes, and African spices. Turmeric Potatoes – seasoned with garlic, ginger and onions, and Basmati Rice are the perfect side dishes to any meal. Whole Foods Market will also have Chickpea Stew – made with sweet and fragrant Ethiopian spices for those living a vegan lifestyle.

In celebration of cultural diversity, Whole Foods Market will continue featuring and embracing different cultures’ cuisine throughout the year including Korean, Jamaican, and Vietnamese dishes, among others.

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