reel cooking prCooking Channel, one of America’s most popular channels, will begin airing “Reel Food from the Florida Keys” in April, 2015.

A blend of travel log and cooking, “Reel Food from the Florida Keys” will show viewers how to create innovative and exciting new dishes while highlighting the Florida Keys. From Key Largo to Key West the audience will be transported to this sun-drenched region where the cooking is done right on location.

Renowned Florida Keys Chef Bobby Stoky hosts these fast-paced one minute cooking segments.  As the owner of several Keys restaurants, Chef Bobby will create 5 exciting, easy-to-prepare dishes featuring fresh, native ingredients:  Lobster Tacos with Cabbage Slaw and Avocado Cream; Tuna Poke; Pickled Key West Pink Shrimp; Onion Encrusted Yellowtail Snapper with Mango Salsa; and Strawberry Key Lime trifle.

Photo: Marina Angleton, Chef Bobby Stoky, and Mike Zimmer filming Reel Food From the Florida Keys on location in Key Largo.

“Reel Food from the Florida Keys” has teamed up with award-winning producer and developer Marina Angleton and 12 time Emmy Award-winning photographer and editor Mike Zimmer to produce “Reel Food from the Florida Keys” at The Cooking Channel. The sister station of Food Network, Cooking Channel reaches over 62 million viewers.