proseccoWine producers are warning of a global prosecco shortage later this year into 2016, with significant price increases.

After a massively successful campaign to promote Prosecco and educate consumers worldwide, the world had become hooked to the reasonably-priced, deliciously fresh and versatile Italian champagne-like bubbly.

But it was too good to last. Expect to serve something else at your party this coming year as wine producers are warning of a global prosecco shortage as a result of a significant decrease in yield  due to heavy rainfall in the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene regions of the Veneto in northern Italy, where prosecco is produced;  lower production due to the new, recently planted vineyards not being ready to harvest;  and increasing demand – increases in the UK and US were 65% and 35% respectively, according to Enore Ceola, Managing Director of Mionetto USA.

“Although these factors will certainly affect all Prosecco producers, those with long-standing history and well-established relationships with vineyard partners, will prevail through these challenges,”  said Enore Ceola.  “With 130 years of experience and over 40-year relationships with its growers, Mionetto is capable of remaining strong during this challenging time.”