In the age of pop-ups, the Asian-inspired Prey has alighted with a bang  on the gorgeous rooftop of the funky 1 Hotel South Beach and will remain there through April 30, and hopefully beyond that date, caressed by balmy sea breezes and hydrated by deliciously infused sakes (I enjoyed the hot and spicy Chinese Firecracker Sake throughout dinner) and creative cocktails made of local, wild and health-giving plants.

chefbunThe host is the nature-inspired eco-luxe beachfront hotel, home to Beachcraft; Celeb chef Tom Colicchio's elegant beachside grill.  The Chef is Bun Lai, of Miya , who revolutionized New Haven, CT, with his concept based on fusing sustainable seafood and plant-based products with invasive species.  Hence the name: Prey - an animal that is hunted and killed by another for food.

The idea is to repair the damage inflicted by humans on predator-and-prey relationships and help restore the precarious balance to destroyed habitats. The result is a sui generis menu ranging from $8 to $35 with headings like “Mama told you to eat your veggies” listing salads – the Kavalcada ensalada with massaged kale, and a Karma-virtue chickenots fingers. Next come “Oh, Those Invasive Fish!” with Catfish Blues – Chesapeake Bay blue catfish, asparagus, apricots and black soybean; Finger Linckin’ Fish Ribs with Asian carp and Kiribati Sashimi with Florida lionfish.










Most sushi options are plant-based, make with brown rice, and filled with all manners of nut creams and vegetables. Over the River and Through the Woods proposed different recipes using land animals that are not conventionally used for sushi: Where The Antelope Play is a nigiri with grilled Texas antelope and sesame seeds; Cerdo Imperialista, is made with feral pork, cheese and topped with quail egg; and Crickle Berry Blue is make with crickets, cheese and plum.

But don’t expect the bizarre to stop there, it continues with dessert which I will not recommend to anyone with loose teeth. There must be a reason, which eludes me at this point, why the Seven Deadly Sushi rolls of mocha, cashew butter, strawberries and cacao nibs topped with coconut-plantain sorbet is endlessly chewy.

A tasting menu under the heading “Future Sushi Omakase” – the most popular suhi recipes from the 2150, is available for $95.00 per person. There are also prix-fixe and late-night bites.

Prey is open through April 30. Dinner Wednesday through Sunday begins at 6 p.m. For reservations, call 305-604-1000. 2341 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.