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Stars in Beaujolais
A constellation of women with a passion for wine

Every year, the Beaujolais Nouveau period, is the occasion to observe this surprising vineyard planted in landscapes of such staggering beauty and which produces a festive wine* which stands out from all the others. It is also the occasion to meet the people who cultivate this soil. At the moment, it turns out that it is the women who are the famous Stars in Beaujolais.

On the third Thursday of November, the Beaujolais Nouveau will be on all the tables and, more specially, in bars and restaurants of Lyon and its region, but also in Paris. There is no question, of course, of missing the feast on any account.

It is also the occasion to meet twelve women, all wine growers, each symbolizing one of the twelve guaranteed origins vintage wines of the Beaujolais. They created "Etoiles en Beaujolais" (stars in Beaujolais) in 1998, an association to share their common passions.

Neither heroines, nor feminists, simply motivated by their passion for wine, they have joined their efforts to reveal their estates and more generally to promote their vineyards, their region and their products. With a staunch conviction that the wine bears witness to history, culture, civilization and development of our societies, they share a common approach and vision of life. As by a star they are guided by demand and genuineness.

Who are they? From the gates of Lyon to the southern edge of Maconnais region, each one represents a "guaranteed origin" the wine of which she produces on her estate. Thus from "Denicé" to "Saint-Amour" they stand-up for Beaujolais and the specificity of twelve "guaranteed origins" each of which has its own oenological characteristics, its soil, its history, its legends and its gastronomy. Each one is the star of a guaranteed origin, Beaujolais, Beaujolais-Villages and the 10 other vintages form Beaujolais, namely.

  • Christiane ZIMMERMANN, a star for BEAUJOLAIS Born in Beaujolais in a family of winegrowers, she lived in Paris for 20 years to explore other professional perspectives. But after years spent in an office, she came back "home" to take over the family winery. Having obtained her degree as a technician in agronomy she assumed control of an important estate located in the southern part of the vineyards in the beautiful area of "Pierres Dorées" (Gilded Stones). With an enquiring mind, enterprising, she has now totally devoted to her vineyards and lovingly restores her old house in local stones. Her other passions are : sculpture, paintings and gardening. It spreads over 20 acres at an elevation of some 900 feet and faces the East. Its clayey chalky soil gives the wine its grain and fruitiness. The yearly production reaches 60 000 litres and is commercialised either through direct sales or through traders.
    Christiane Zimmermann - Grange des Maures 69640 Denicé. Tel: +33 4 74 67 33 08 -

  • Anke De Boissieu, a star for BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGES Anke de Boissieu - Château de Lavernette - 71570 Leynes.

  • Christine DUTRAIVE, a star for BROUILLY Coming from Paris, Christine Dutraive went for the first time in Beaujolais for harvesting. That was the beginning of a long love story with the Beaujolais region and...the winegrower's son. After having learnt winemaking, she started working with her husband, on this 40 acres estate. Four years ago, so that to developpe on place sales and, overall, to make people discover this beautiful region and some of its curiosities, like "La Tour de la Belle-Mère" (The "Mother in Law Tower"), she installed Chambres d'Hôtes (Bed and Breakfast rooms) in her property. Christine cooks perfectly; she is also a professional winetaster and a very friendly and efficient hostess. Her two eldest daughters, convinced by this exciting life, and after a professional formation, now help her with much charm and efficiency.
    Christine Dutraive - Domaine de la Tour des Combes - 69220 CHARENTAY. Tel: +33 4 74 66 82 21 -

  • Chantal PEGAZ, a star for COTE DE BROUILLY Chantal Pegaz is a lawyer and a keen wine enthusiast. She has chosen to bring the two together in specialising in vine and wine law, making the most of both her theorical and practical knowledge. She is also a dab hand at wine tasting and practices her favourite "sport" whenever she can which is often, as she is a frequent traveller throughout the French winemaking regions and has chosen the World Atlas of Wine as her guide and travelling companion abroad. The estate covers 5 hectares and could have been called "Baronne (baroness) de l'Ecluse" because it has been passed down the female line over a number of generations. Yvonne Geoffray, from Château Thivin bequeathed it to her niece, Jane Pegaz who in turn left it to her daughter Chantal.
    The vines grow on south-eastern exposed slopes at around 400 meters above sea level. 280 hl of wine are produced there every year.
    Chantal Pegaz - Gajowka - Domaine Baron de l'Ecluse - Le Sigaud 69460 St Etienne la Varenne. Tel: +33 4 74 03 53 50 -

  • Cécile ROUX, a star for REGNIE Cécile's family has been for a long time in Beaujolais. Pioneers of this appellation, younger than the other Beaujolais appellations, Cécile and her husband Gilles will cross all the country to make the charm and the authenthicity of their REGNIE discovered everywhere. Also taking care of her three children, Cécile, who is very well organized, takes time to be a true sportive woman. And if she has some time left, in this family of musicians where her husband winds hunting horn, she relax herself in front of her piano.
    Cécile Roux - Domaine de la Plaigne - La Plaigne - 69430 Régnié-Durette. Tel: +33 4 74 04 80 86 -

  • Céline MEZIAT, a star for CHIROUBLES Vine-grower's daughter, born "Chiroublonne", Céline Méziat is at the same time ambitious and keen in perfection. She therefore takes part actively in the whole wine labour and - if she temporarily neglects the vineyards - that is to have her wines tasted by the passing customer at the wine-cellar or to sate her second passion : the horse.
    It overheads Chiroubles village which products the whole vintage to which it gave its name. Composed of 5,5 hectares of old vineyards, it spreads out on abrupt hillsides with a granite and porphyry soil. The production 30 hl, 60% of which sold directly to customers and 15% exported.
    Céline Méziat - Le Verdy 69115 Chiroubles. Tel: +33 4 74 69 15 90 -

  • Joëlle de LESCURE, a star for FLEURIE A lover of maths and business management, a pure-bred city woman, brought up on Bordeaux wine and goose liver pâté- nothing to show that she would settle in the beaujolais region, even less so in the country!
    Yet, her vines witness her blossoming, her wine sees her turning to and perfecting herself in wine tasting. Her "wine" education begins!
    Nothing would make her leave her property, let alone pass it on to someone else! Her wine tasting room which she arranges with utmost care allows her to receive customers and friends- a task in which she excels!
    However, one must not forget that her "vital balance" is found through sport: the time her four children leave her is shared between tennis, horse-riding and skiing. Born of a family property, the Bouronière estate was created in 1987 under this name. 11 hectares of vineyards belonging to a single tenant on a sandy granite soil. 500 hl of commercialised production: 50% in bottles at the Estate and 50% in trading. 90% of export.
    Joëlle de Lescure Domaine de la Bouronière 69820 Fleurie. Tel: +33 4 74 69 82 13 -

  • Thérèse PERROT, a star for CHENAS Thérèse has shared her life between the city of Lyon where her husband was working and her estate that she was supervising on weekends until the retirement of her husband. For the last few years, she has been running the estate directly, sharing with her husband, now available, the demanding work and responsibilities. She is involved in every aspect of her job: from harvest to bottling, marketing and tasting. She knows all the ins and outs of her job, which takes, up all her time. Created in 1760, the domain has stayed in the same family, generally passed on through the female branch. Its 9 ha of vineyard which are planted on granitic slopes, produce one type of wine: the Chénas. This is one of the rare example of an estate producing only one appellation.
    Thérèse Perrot - Domaine de Côtes Rémont 69480 Chénas. Tel: +33 4 74 04 44 33 - -

  • Ferréole CHASTEL, a star for MOULIN-A-VENT Having spent a childhood by the Mediterranée, her marriage bought her to the rolling hills of the Beaujolais, where she delights in its beauty and varied seasons. Immediately she immersed herself in learning the different skills in the vines; pruning in winter, tieing up and cutting in spring and summer. Today, much of her time is taken up on the administration and commercial side of the exploitation. One must not forget of course, she heads a large family of 8 children which needs rigorous organisation, lots of love and humour on top of a philosophical approach to live. Spare-time is rare, but there is always a moment to spend enjoying her two hobbies, horse-riding and choral-singing.
    The Domaine Romanesca is a family wine-farm of 8 hectares. Its name derives from a roman villa situated next to their vines. The estate's vineyards are planted on the most prestigious slopes: Les Thorins, Champ de Cour, La Rochelle, Les Brasses…25% of the estate's production is commercialised in bottles, 60% of which are exported.
    Ferréole Chastel - les Thorins 71570 Romanèche-Thorins. Tel: +33 3 85 35 57 31 -

  • Claire DAVID, a star for JULIENAS Claire Beaupère-David comes originally from Lyon and studied at the Lyon College of fine arts and the Académie Charpentier in Paris. She started out her working life following her artistic vocation, in setting up a costume creation company. She loves the harmony of cloth and colour and wields the pencil and the paintbrush expertly. She started out working in edition before discovering the magic of the wine universe. Today her new life sees her a country dweller and winemaker after competing a course at the Davayé wine and agricultural college. The region light and the soft, gentle Beaujolais countryside that Utrillo captured on canvas fascinate her. Today she shares her time between the Julienas Cru and her studio called "La Villaparadis". She is also the mother of five children.
    The estate covers 4 hectares of vines planted between 20 and over 60 years ago in granitic marl soils. Around 200 hl of Julienas are produced there every year.
    Claire Beaupère-David - Domaine David-Beaupère - La Bottière 69840 Juliénas. Tel: +33 3 85 33 84 11 -

  • Nicole LASSAGNE, a star for SAINT-AMOUR She was born and grown up in Lyon. She loved travelling, that is why after studying foreign languages at University, she took off … She worked for an airline company. This lasted fifteen years and may account for her everlasting globe trotter spirit and love of encounters. Today, Nicole Lassagne's realm is the Beaujolais: it is that of vineyards unfolding interminably beyond Saint-Amour - the furthest North of the Beaujolais wine - producing villages. It is a charming name and place under the spell of which Nicole Lassagne has fallen and to which she has been devoting herself eversince. Indeed, she markets wine produced on her property.
    There are 5.5 hectares almost exclusively planted with old vineyards; it has been in the family for generations and has always been true to the Beaujolais wine making tradition.
    Nicole Lassagne - La Ville 71570 Saint-Amour. Tel: +33 3 85 37 11 93 -

  • MORGON : Special vat selected by GIE Etoiles en Beaujolais - Gold Medal in Mâcon, 2006

The 12 bottles case "Carton-Découverte" with inside each one of the 12 appellations: 63 EUR HT. Please contact us:

Moreover, they created the "ROUTE DES ETOILES", a guide in 12 stages which proposes a new way for visiting Beaujolais, a new approach of culture and terroir. Available guide on request.

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