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When Science has tangible and practical uses in the kitchen

Kyocera Tycom, a company that designs and manufactures tight tolerance carbide cutting tools for industrial applications like drills, routers, and specialized cutting tools has developed a line of kitchen tools, including the Perfect Peeler; using Zirconium oxide blades.

Zirconium, a grayish-white metal (chemical symbol Zr and atomic number 40), is exceptionally corrosion resistant -- it is primarily used in nuclear reactors for a neutron absorber and to make corrosion-resistant alloys -- , it is lighter than steel and is close in hardness to diamond -- Zircon is used in jewelry, and is processed to produce cubic zirconia

Red Handled 3Ē Paring Knife

Since I got the Red-Handled Paring Knife, Iím having a lot of fun and canít wait to use it again... It looks like a toy, feels like a feather (weighs just over 1 oz.), fits comfortably in your hand and cuts through foods like a surgical scalpel or a mean Samurai sword. Just be careful with your fingers.

And it is pretty with a rust-proof white Zirconium Oxide blade which stays sharp ten times longer than any steel blade and an ergonomic molded polypropylene resin handle for a controlled grip.

It comes in red which makes it easy to spot in a drawer, or in black.

Avoid putting the blade in an open flame (ceramic conducts heat) or using it to smash garlic (you could cut yourself), and wash with detergent and water.

Guarantee: The knife can be resharpened on a diamond wheel at US headquarters in Irvine, CA (1-800-537-0294 -- free of charge except for shipping and handling) and returned with a new edge.

Red-Handled Paring Knife (Model FK-25WH-RD, $29.95) is available at La Cuisine Gourmet in Coral Gables and online

Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

This Mandoline slicer beats every one model Iíve had. Its ultra sharp Zirconium Oxide ceramic blade is easily adjustable with a turn dial on the back and cuts perfect slices in 4 different thicknesses: paper thin (literally), medium, thick and thicker. It is so light, safe to use with a hand-guard to protect fingers and easy to clean (it is also dishwasher safe) that I find myself wanting to slice everything in my refrigerator.

Adjustable Mandoline Slicer (Model CSN-202-RD or BK, $29.95) is available at The Good Life in Naples, FL and online

The Perfect Peeler(tm) by Kyocera
When Science has tangible and practical uses in the kitchen

At last a peeler that seems to glide as it takes off paper thin peels off veggies and fruit! When material science is applied to the design and manufacture of precision cutting tools for the kitchen, thatís called progress! And when they are practical and thoughtfully designed, they are every cookís dream.


The Perfect Peeler is ultra sharp. The zirconium oxide razor-sharp blade resists wear and holds its edge for years without sharpening. Best of all it is perfectly calibrated to glide with ease on vegetables, will not transfer a metallic taste to food, nor take off too much food off.

Itís rust-proof blade responds to a dial that adjusts the angle from vertical to horizontal to 45 degrees, and the non-slip, lightweight polypropylene resin handle fits all hands: left or right handed cooks.

Easy to clean, it is bright red and easy to find in a drawer, it is dishwasher safe and comes with a five year limited warranty.

Perfect Peeler (Model CP-20RD, $19.95) is available at Sur La Table stores (800-243-0852) and website

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