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03/21/2005 Advertise Subscribe

  • Sacha's Cafe opens European-style café in Coral Gables...
  • D'Vine District opens wine bar/eatery in Design District...
  • Cioppino replaces Aria in Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne...
  • Asian Fusion opens in Fort Lauderdale
  • ... And More


  • Easter is coming early this year, Sunday Easter Brunches/Dinner March 27...
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  • Food & Wine Talk Radio to air Monday, April 4, WDNA 88.9 FM...
  • Miami Wine & Food Festival at Intercontinental, April 7-8...
  • Lechón Asado, Cocktails& Music Thursdays and Sundays at Mundo, Coral Gables...
  • Brian Kay Executive chef at Ocean key Resort, key West...
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Miami Photo Shoot


La Dorada

Tara Steak & Lobster House

Café Boulud

In Wine We Trust::
Karen McNeil. An interview and profile of the author of the best selling The Wine Bible and host of PBS TV Series Wine, Food & Friends.
Fife Vineyards::
Dennis Fife and co-owner Karen McNeil produce mostly red California wines with European sensibility
When a Wine Turns Bad: Useful tips to keep in mind in a restaurant when sending back a wine you think is bad.

From Spain: Good Wines Under $15.
The Angel's Share: A special cognac from Pierre Ferrand:
While Cognac always evokes glowing feelings of complex flavors blooming in the mouth and liquid fire trickling down your throat, the name Cognac does not always a Cognac make.

Chile, Chile is not know for it's cuisine, a treasure of fresh seafood to be discovered as you travel through a wine country with wines that pair beautifully with foods and where so much is happening so quickly.
At roughly $3 billion, the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, which just opened to the public, is said to be the most expensive hotel ever built. A billion won't buy what it used to, of course, but three seems to do just fine.
Falafel and Babaghanoush are only some of the authentic Egyptian recipes you will find along with other specialties such as corn-stuffed pigeon, Moussaka, kababs and rice pudding fragrant with orange blossom.

Miami Wine & Food Festival... And More

BRUNCH... And More
... And More


Happy hours, Sunday brunches, Music & Entertainment.

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