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08/11/2005 Advertise Subscribe

  • Vine Wine Shop and Tasting Loft opens in Biscayne Corridor...
  • Afterglo, "beauty cuisine" slated to open mid-August in South Beach...
  • Sobe Wraps, health conscious express food opens in South Beach...
  • Tara Steak and Lobster House closes in coconut Grove to relocate in Ft. Lauderdale
  • Atkins Diet Saga Now at Chapter 11 (NYT)
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  • Romancing the stars: viewing of "Perseid" meteor shower at Tides Hotel, August 11 - 14 ...
  • Chefs Farmer dinner series with Chef Allen Susser...
  • Spice Months: August - September...
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  • "Ten for ten" summer special at Perricone's Market...
  • Back To School August specials at Crepes and Co, Coral Gables...
  • Flavors Of An Empire, The Art Of Peruvian Cuisine: July 28 To August 31, Sonesta Hotels ...
  • A hallmark of French Food: gelees (NYT)
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Miami Photo Shoot


Caffe Luna Rosa

Crepes & Company


Opening New York to Internet Wine Sales :
Two months after the United States Supreme Court handed them a long-awaited victory, winemakers and drinkers in New York, California and many other states can finally celebrate.
St. Supéry, California Lushness with French-Style Subtlety:
Rich, complex, and approachable Napa Valley wines are more in tune with Bordeaux wines than with their California counterparts. Three exceptional whites have just been released.
Great wines under $15:
To our delight sometimes price bears no relation to quality: from Australia to Argentina we’ll find that whether with screw-caps (like the Australians) or with the traditional cork, these are delicious wines that will give you many pleasurable meals.
New Trend in in drinking: Wine in A Box ::
52% of all wines in Australia is sold in a box. In the US 18% or 1 in 5 glasses of wine is served from a box. In Sweden 65% of the wines are consumed from a box. Ryan Sproule, President and founder of The Black Box talks about changing the perception in wine drinking with high end wines in a bag and box.
Schloss Vollrads ::
The oldest standing winery in Europe since 1211, Scholl Vollrads procudes Rieslings the traditional way, but with modern technology. The use of the crystal cork Vino-lock, ensures that the 2003 vintage - the best vintage to come out of Germany, stays fresh and crisp. An interview with Dr. Rowald Hepp. (Food & Wine Talk - Monday, July 18, minute 27:50 mn.)

Olive Oils of Andalusia: The Gold of Spain On one of the balmy nights so typical of Seville; when the stars are almost eclipsed by the brightness of a moon crescent and the unbelievable Mediterranean sky is stabbed by the spiring silhouette of the Giralda Tower - a twelfth-century minaret topped by the Renaissance belfry of one of the largest Cathedrals in Christendom- I was pondering on the folly of the Conquistadors who had set sail 500 years earlier, leaving this beautiful, thriving city behind. The gold is right here: Spain is the largest exporter of Olive oils in the world and Andalusia produces 80% of all of Spain's olive oils. There are more than 260 varieties of olive trees in Spain - 200 of which are in Andalusia.

Some Ask if the Disney Magic Is Slipping As Disney marks the 50th birthday of its first theme park - Disneyland in California - with a companywide 18-month celebration that began in May, it is facing great scrutiny, particularly when it comes to Walt Disney World - a 30,000-plus-acre complex in Florida that comprises four theme parks and more than 20 resorts and that attracted 40.5 million visitors in 2004, according to the trade journal Amusement Business. "What kind of a Mickey Mouse operation is this?" To hear some guests tell stories of inept service at Disney World theme parks and resorts is to realize the Mouse may no longer be as mighty.
Around what is now Milano, during the Middle Ages, -- a time when people were a lot more dynamic than we give them credit for, Italians figured out how to make a cheese that would last longer than the soft milk products they had: Large cheese wheels that slowly aged passed from being delicately flavored, soft, and pale white, to delightfully sharp, firm but grainy, and gold. They called it Grana, because of its grainy texture, and the name stuck.

Still August 31st Favlors of an empire: Taste of Peru at Sonesta coconut Grove...
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