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Certified Organic Bear Pond Farm. Connecticut,
A favorite at this year’s Fancy Food Show

Everybody knows about Pesto, the sweet basil and garlic sauce that flavors from minestrone and pasta to fish and meat on the Ligurian coast of Italy.
The Genovese are very proud of the capital of pesto - Prà, near Genova, Italy, and very respectful of their recipe - fresh basil, a touch of garlic, Ligurian olive oil, untoasted pine nuts, a pinch of salt and grated Parmigiano Reggiano. No variation.
Not so in America… Craig Colvin, the owner of Bear Pond Farm, has come up with a series of different flavored pestos certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers of Massachusetts.
A favorite at the Fancy Food Show, July 2005 in New York City, the nut-free, low-carb and lower in sodium than most prepared pestos, Bear Pond Farm pestos are made with greenhouse organically-grown fresh herbs, including two rare varieties of the oregano-family plant not commercially grown in the US: Mentuccia, from Sicily, and Kaliteri from Greece.

Dense with flavor, fresh, bright and with a good texture the pestos are great for tossing with pasta or spreading on foccacia bread and making sandwiches.

The 6.3-ounce containers include Premium Basil Pesto with Sicilian Mintuccia blended with organic basil, Pecorino Romano cheese from sheep milk, fresh garlic and a blend of extra virgin olive oil and soybean oil. .

The lemon flavor in the Fresh Lemony Pesto (4 grams carbohydrate per serving) derives exclusively from sorrel --with subtle taste undertones of lemon--and lemon verbena , and can be used as a sauce for seafood and fish, salad dressing and antipasti.

Aromatic and exotic the Rich Cilantro Pesto ( 1 gram carbohydrate per serving) blends organic cilantro suitable for Mexican fare such as burritos, tamales and enchiladas

All-arugula (no basil, parsley or spinach filler) Robust Arugula Pesto (1 gram carbohyrdate per serving) is sharp and spicy and apirs well with poached salmon and orzo or potato salad.

Colvin has recently come up with Onion-Garlic Pesto and Fat-Free Rhubarbeque Bbq Sauce an all-natural BBQ sauce with rhubarb, raisins and onions.

Keep pesto frozen like you would ice cream: “they maintain their peek flavors for up to three months,” says Craig Colvin, who suggests scooping up the quantity desired. If just refrigerated it will keep for 2 to 3 weeks.

Available for around $5.99 for a 6.3-ounce container at Whole Foods Markets and other natural and gourmet specialty stores. They can also be purchased via e-mail from

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