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Bill Flannery, CEO
Texas Brush
The tool that solves the problem of grill cleaning

by Simone Zarmati Diament

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America loves to talk about Barbeque and grilling to the point that endless books have been written on the subject, and everyone has an opinion on Grills and Grilling, Barbecues and Barbecuing… on Charcoal versus Gas or Smoker, or marinades versus rubs.

But no one ever talks about cleaning those grills and even though a clean grill is essential for a successful BBQ, there hasn’t been much written on brushes. In this interview we bring you someone who cares so much about brushes that he actually manufactures them: Bill Flannery, CEO of Texas Brush

Texas Brush, was founded in 1996 in Beaumont, Texas, by two retirees eager to make a little golf money, and when Bill Flannery -- the son-in-law of one of the original owners, a salesman who knew the food industry inside out -- took over, the business evolved into a full-scale manufacturer with distribution all over the US.

The Texas Brush is no ordinary brush. Big and sturdy it is one of few kitchen tools available today that are hand-crafted from wood coming from Gadsden, Alabama and domestically made.

They are made for both commercial and domestic use: the handles are cut thick, 1-1/4" and over 4' in length, the angled head design is double-sided “All of our component parts have been carefully chosen and manufactured to strict standards and each brush is hand-crafted to achieve durability,” says Mr. Flannery.

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