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A Silly Ode to Wines

By Henry Barrow

I woke up in a rather silly mood the other day, and after looking at some wine catalogues… my silliness was heightened by the names of some of the new wines coming from Australia and New Zealand. That, in turn, caused me to drift off into Never-Never Land and compose an ode to those wines… along with some interesting American entries.

So here goes:

The bright, shiny IRON HORSE roared down the tracks,
Passing over the KISSING BRIDGE with its MUDDY WATER
Flowing beneath. The engineer, that old FAT BASTARD REX GOLIATH,
CIGAR VOLANTE sticking out of his mouth, shouted to his firemen:
"BIG HOUSE RED!" "Red," he said, "we're approaching the GOOSECROSS,
So we have to slow down." Once they had slowed to a crawl,
Red shouted to Goliath: "Look! A WILD QUAGGA!
They're supposed to be extinct!" After slowing down, they headed for SACRED HILL
Where THE BLUE NUN was doing the DUCK WALK.
"Now," REX GOLIATH said, "THE WATER WHEEL is just ahead
at TOAD HOLLOW and we can fill up there...
See, that THIRSTY LIZARD is also headed for the KELTI BROOK.
That where the FROG'S LEAP rock to rock, and, if you look closely,
You can see the EYE OF THE TOAD. We can also watch the giant FIREFLY
As it spooks the WILD HORSE over near TABLAS CREEK."
Then, THE OLD FART grabbed his LAVA CAP, said goodbye to
The MAD FISH that swim next to the WATER WHEEL, and headed for
Along the way, they had to stop at PEACHY CANYON and take one more look at
THE HILL OF CONTENT. Then, it was past the shrine of SANTA MARGHERITA,
Up the slope to STAG'S LEAP and then over the top,
and down to OMAKA SPRINGS.
Once he got there, Rex could spend a few days at his home,

A silly story you say... Well, you are right! However, all of those silly names are attached to wines.

That's right, names of wines, some of which are outstanding. Both, the wines and the names. It was fun putting them all together. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it!.

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