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While I mainly use my kitchen scale for confection and patisserie baking, I never thought of actually having fun weighing all my food, even to meet nutrition and health goals.
Tanita Corporation, the manufacturers of precision scales for medical, education, fitness, commercial, and consumer markets has come up with a new line of precision digital kitchen scales.

The sleek, futuristic-looking Tanita KD-403 with its silver base and removable/washable safety reinforced glass plate top is light-weighted (1.95 pounds) and easy to clean and store.
The scale actually looks great on your counter and, with its auto power off feature and the add and weigh functions, performs more chores than a regular kitchen accessory (like weighing your mail, jewelry, arts and crafts projects, spices, etc...).

The Model KD-403 has from 1/o oz. to an 11 lb. (5,000 gram, or 5 kg.) weight capacity, and readings are on a large, easy-to-read LCD display. It uses one CR 2032 lithium battery (included).
The KD – 403 has a three year guarantee and retails for $69.99 on

All seven new models have a sleek contemporary look, feature add and weigh functions, push-button gram/ounce display, innovative materials such as safety glass and stainless steel, and auto power off feature; they are designed to be easy to clean and store, and are backed by a solid three-year guarantee. The different models:

  • KD – 160 – Opening price point digital kitchen scale with a bowl included. It features a black plastic base and has a 70 oz (2,000 gram) capacity; retails for $29.99.
  • KD – 310 – Higher weight capacity yet designed for easy storage and cleaning. It features a white or silver circular plastic base, tare function, and a 105 oz (3,000gram) weight capacity retails for $34.99.
  • KD – 300 – A versatile and efficient scale with a 175 oz (5,000 gram) capacity that is designed for convenient cleaning and storage. Features white or silver plastic base, tare function; retails for $39.99.
  • KD – 404 – This contemporary design features a square, sliver base with a hygienic glass surface and has a 6.9 lb (3,000 gram) capacity; retails for $49.99.
  • KD – 400 – A foldaway kitchen scale that is ideal for traveling and easy storage. It features a stainless steel base and an 11 lb (5,000 gram) capacity; retails for $59.99.
  • KD – 407 – Features a square, stainless steel base with a 6 lb 9 oz (3000 g) capacity that is convenient for storage; retails for $59.99
  • KW – 002 – Totally sealed washable kitchen scale that features a white plastic base with a removable glass top. The scale has a 6.9 lb (3,000 gram) capacity and will retail for $69.99.

For more information call: (847) 640-9241 or visit the company’s Web site,

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