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Greek Salad: The Back Roads of Greece
After the Olympic Games, what is left to do
but explore Greece through its local food and wine

Greek Salad: A Dionysian Travelogue
by Miles Lambert-Gócs
Published by The Wine Appreciation Guild, 2004, $14.95.

Greek Salad explores Greece via its tavernas with the utility of a travel guide and the tone of a novel. Mr. Lambert-Gócs takes you on an odissey through the islands and mainland of Greece, which he explores through the prism of wine glasses in tavernas where distinct drinks and foods, and even the fellow sitting at the next table, have their own personal folklore.
Lambert-Gócs begins the book with a light brunch of "flaky bougasta filled with sweetened semolina" aboard a ferry headed for the island of Tinos, a member of the Aegean Islands, and once there, he's dragged on an impromptu expedition into "prehistory" lead by a tavern proprietor named Andoni and his dog Rambo.
Moving on from Tinos and prehistory, he introduces his readers to "Mad Manousos" an innkeeper on Andros, learns survival skills for Santorini, gains a slippery perspective on moussaka, tastes the green stone on Mt. Parnassus, probes the link between Helen of Troy and Peloponesian pasta and ends the final chapter in a lower-class quarter of Corfu, drinking wine out of tumblers with his cab driver.
After three decades of serious agricultural writing for the USDA, Miles Lambert-Gócs has recently retired and turned to carefree gastronomic writing for readers who enjoy travel and the dinner table. Having specialized in east central Europe at Columbia University, his geographic interests gravitate especially to southeastern Europe (as demonstrated by Greek Salad). He is also the best selling author of The Wines of Greece.
Greek Salad: A Dionysian Travelogue is a 283-page paperback, with regional maps and retails for $14.95 at leading bookstores, wine shops, on the web, or on The Wine Appreciation Guild website,

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