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Wine Report 2005
Fascinating, informative, entertaining
A must for every wine enthusiast who wants to keep up speed with the constantly changing and ever-expanding world of wine.

By Simone Zarmati Diament

Wine Report 2005
Edited by Tom Stevenson
Published by DK Publishing, NY.2004. $15.00
This is a fascinating, informative, entertaining and much needed update in the constantly changing and expanding world of wine. To come out with his latest book Wine Report 2005,Tom Stevenson, author of The New Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia and 20 other books, has gathered a taskforce of over 40 wine experts strategically placed in the world to present us with an amazing intelligence report and an anthology of wine.

The book which is as useful in South Africa as it is in California and Florida gives the reader - professionals or amateurs - a unique insight into the world of wine.

Wine Report 2005's 432 pages are packed with invaluable inside information and facts on vintages and producers, vintage ratings with advanced reports on the latest harvests, new finds in wine science, and useful recommendations, including tips on wine investment and best bargains and best value wines from France, Italy and Spain to The US, Argentina, China, Lebanon and Bolivia.

Every chapter by a different contributor is clearly formatted with an article, Grapewine news, Opinions and Vintage Reports.

The book ends with the 100 Most exciting Wine Finds: "The entire raison d'Ítre of this section is to bring to the attention of serious wine enthusiasts the different and most surprising wines being developed in classic areas, the best wines from emerging regions, and other cutting-edge stuff. The prices are retails per bottles in the local currency of the country of origin. My tasting note follows the contributor's own note, for comparison or contrast, or simply a different take."

Some of Stevenson's footnotes, for example for a Zeltinger Sonneunruhr Riesling Eiswin 1998, read: "The honey is unmistakable, but is is youthful honeyed lemon, with a plethora of candied fruits starting to build. The acidity is to die for, and the wine is to kill for!", or for a Gold label 1996 Lanson Champagne: "At my Christie's masterclass in November 2003, I said that Landon 1996 is "like gargling with razor blades," and I meant that as a compliment, since it is a yardstick 1996. At EU27.50, it is also the best-value, greatest quality 1996 on the market.

This book is indispensable for every wine enthusiast who wants to keep up speed with the constantly changing and ever-expanding world of wine.

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