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Three Guys from Miami Celebrate Cuban: 100 Great Recipes for Cuban Entertaining
(Hardcover) $29.95 ($19.77 at )
by Glenn M. Lindgren (Author), Jorge Castillo (Author), Raul Musibay (Author)
Published by Gibbs Smith, 2006

A hearty band of bon vivants offer a delicious array of Cuban-inspired foods accompanied by spectacular pictures, cultural anecdotes and off-the-wall humor.

The Three Guys from Miami have done it again (after their first best seller Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban) with 100 ALL-NEW delicious Cuban recipes for creating an amazing party, no matter the occasion! After all, the Three Guys know that when you eat Cuban food, every meal is a celebration. For Cubans, getting together with family is at least a monthly, if not weekly, ritual. And the perfect Cuban party includes these things: Good food, good friends, good music, more good food, good conversation, a good drink or two, and of course, a good time. Cuban parties have always revolved around food-and oh, the food! Huge platters of tender roasted pork, plates of crispy yellow tostones, and bowls of black beans cooked to perfection in a thick aromatic stew, tropical drinks, sweet desserts, and more. This cookbook includes some of the Three Guys' favorite party dishes. These festive recipes are perfect for ALL occasions, and they'll surely inspire you to put together a unique party as an excuse to create a unique Cuban menu!

Editorial Reviews
Actually, it's two guys from Miami and a Minnesotan who just winters there (Lindgren). The semi-wild and mildly crazy trio are back with their second effort (after Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban). It features 100 new party-friendly creations and page upon page of less than stimulating banter laid out as marginalia opposite each recipe ("Milk has always been thought to provide some comfort for an upset stomach"). Still, it's hard to dislike a cookbook that puts the desserts at the beginning. Cake de Cuba Libre is the most effervescent of the batch, with rum and Coca-Cola in both the batter and the accompanying sauce. Standouts among the various soups and main dishes include Sweet Plantain Soup, Cuban Wedding Shrimp in a sauce of rum and orange juice, and traditional pork chops with plenty of garlic. The authors are willing to Cubanize at will; there is Cuban Style Lobster (with Chorizo), Cuban Stuffed Turkey (with a rice and bean stuffing) and Cuban Baby Back Ribs (with Guava Sauce). The many full-page color photos make all the recipes look mouth-watering; less appetizing are the shots of the Three Guys in loud shirts or staggering down a beach.
From Publishers Weekly, September 2006

Introduction to Three Guys from Miami Celebrate Cuban: 100 Great Recipes for Cuban Entertaining

Glenn: Hey, guess what? This is our second cookbook. If you haven’t seen our first cookbook, Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban, run out right now and buy a copy!

Raúl: Go ahead—we’ll wait for you.

Jorge: In fact, while you’re gone we’ll just drink a couple of cold Cuban beers and tell a few stories . . .

Raúl: Back so soon? Great. Now you are the proud owner of two of the best Cuban cookbooks money can buy.

Glenn: If you haven’t seen us before, you’re probably asking yourself: Who are these Three Guys from Miami and what do they do? What is this book all about? Just what is Cuban cooking anyway? Why are we here? If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it fall . . .

Raúl: Listen, you can ask yourself questions all day, but if you really want some answers, you’ll need to read this book!

Jorge: Yes, in a single volume we will answer all of your questions.

Glenn: Well, maybe not all of them. We’re still working on that tree falling in the forest one.

Jorge: What you will find in this book is more than 100 great recipes that will make every day a party at your house.

Raúl: When you love Cuban food as we do, every meal is a celebration. It doesn’t make any difference if you have a house packed with 50 people or sometimes just the three of us sitting on the patio enjoying something from the grill.

Jorge: For us, the party never ends!

Glenn: The three of us learned from our mothers who are all passionate about their cooking with no fear of calories.

Jorge: So take our advice: Party tonight and diet tomorrow . . .

Raúl: Or better yet, party tonight AND tomorrow and diet next week!

- The Three Guys from Miami

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