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Alter Eco Fair Trade, Organic Dark Chocolate Quinoa

With Alter Eco Dark Chocolate,

Valentine’s Gifting Has Never Been Tastier




Combining smooth, rich dark chocolate with the delicious crunch of healthy quinoa crisps, Dark Chocolate Quinoa: Midnight Crunch is Alter Eco’s new addition to their line of Fair Trade, Organic, Carbon Neutral dark chocolate bars. 


Incorporating Fair Trade cocoa and quinoa from Fair Trade farming cooperatives in Bolivia, South America, Alter Eco brings exotic and ethical chocolate to consumers. Using ingredients sourced from fair trade farmers who receive fair wages for their work as well as funding for community development programs and sustainable farming, Alter Eco chocolate is then manufactured in Switzerland in Swiss tradition. Alter Eco’s Midnight Crunch is baked 12 times longer than other mainstream chocolate bars for a total of 72 hours to ensure the perfect taste, texture, and quinoa crunch.


Quinoa is an ancient grain cultivated in the Andes Mountains of South America for over 5,000 years. Locally referred to as the 'mother grain' and as a 'protein powerhouse', quinoa has been said to have kept the Incan armies strong and robust. Alter Eco’s complete line of dark chocolate includes equally impressive and powerful ingredients from Fair Trade cashews, raisins, and fine Arabica coffee beans. 


About Alter Eco Fair Trade Certified, Organic Chocolate

Alter Eco chocolate bars are 100% natural and do not contain artificial flavors or sweeteners, chemical additives or emulsifiers. Available in seven Dark Chocolate varieties: Mint, Twist (with crystallized orange peel), Blackout (85% cocoa), Cacao (73% cocoa), Almond, and Velvet (touch of organic milk) and the new Midnight Crunch (dark chocolate quinoa). All are made in the pure Swiss tradition from Fair Trade and natural ingredients. For these chocolate bars, Alter Eco has selected fair traded ingredients from distant corners of the world: Fair Trade cocoa from Ghana and Bolivia, unrefined organic Fair Trade sugar from the Philippines, as well as Fair Trade cashews, raisins, and fine Arabica coffee beans


For addition information please contact Jennifer Bryan at 805-962-1347.  



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