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To Mark 25th National Breast Cancer Month
With New Releases


     Cleavage Creek, Napa, CA, is owned by Budge Brown, 77, who lost his wife of 48 years to breast cancer in 2005. A businessman and a farmer, Mr. Brown obtained the Cleavage Creek label after deciding that he wanted to fight the disease and raise awareness so that others would not suffer as his wife had.
     Budge Brown released his first Cleavage Creek wines on October 15, 2007. His second wine release took place on October 4th, 2008. Cleavage Creek wines have won numerous awards in international, national, and regional competitions - 22 medals won thus far in 2009. The next release of new wines will be on October 1st, 2009.
     Dedicated to fighting breast cancer, Brown and Cleavage Creek donate 10% of gross wine sales to breast cancer research. At least 10% was the original commitment. Brown have far exceeded that number, reaching deep into his own pocks to bolster the contributions made by Cleavage Creek. Over $55,800 has been contributed to efforts to fight breast cancer. Most recently, Cleavage Creek has funded a new Integrative Oncology Research Center for breast cancer at Bastyr University.(see below for details)
     On each bottle of Cleavage Creek is the image of a breast cancer survivor -- her story is told at the Cleavage Creek website A total of 20 breast cancer survivors will have appeared on the Budge Brown era of Cleavage Creek wines as of this October.
     Among the 2,000 cases of wine released the first year: a Napa Cabernet, a Napa Petite Syrah, a Cabernet-Syrah, a Merlot, a Merlot-Shiraz and a Chardonnay, all grown in Budge’s own vineyards, as well as a Secret Red and a Secret White. 
     The 2nd generation of Brown’s Cleavage Creek wines were released on October 4th, 2008.  This release included 6 wines: a Napa Cabernet, a Napa Petite Sirah, a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Syrah, a Secret White, and a Secret Red. Approximately 1,600 cases were produced.
     The 3rd and most recent generation of Brown’s Cleavage Creek wines will see a 2009 fall release date to commemorate the 25th anniversary of October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Approximately 1,900 cases of 6 wines have been produced: a Napa Cabernet, a Napa Petite Sirah, a Chardonnay, a Merlot-Shiraz, a Secret White, and a Secret Red.
     Cleavage Creek wines in the $18 - $50 range are available for purchase on and in retail establishments. Gift sets of Cleavage Creek wines are available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 bottle sets. 

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