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Golden Kaan from South Africa
Affordable and easy to drink

By Simone Zarmati Diament

South Africa is almost a continent within a continent, so varied and large it is. Were it not for its wines which kind of compel us to pinpoint the different regions they come from, we would never know how different the southernmost tip of Africa is from the rest of the country.

Rich in fauna big and small, avian, mammal and marsupial, the Western Cape at the southernmost tip of Africa is also a blessed viticultural region. That’s where the Golden Kaan vineyards sit.

Temperate climates, hot and dry summers and wet winters are what the soil there needs for grape growing. A layer of well drained and nutrient poor sandstone soil over a very porous and water retentive volcanic base encourages deep root formation.

So the grapes ripen well and produce nice, fruit forward wines with well-balanced acidity, which are easy to drink and, at $10 a bottle, perfectly affordable.

2007 Golden Kaan Sauvignon Blanc – Western Cape, South Africa $10
A bright and fresh Sauvignon Blanc it exhibits all the tropical fruit, melon, peach and mineral notes in the right places. That, combined with a good acidity balancing the fruit, makes for a nice summer wine. Pairs well with chicken dishes, Chinese & other Asian foods, salads and fresh cheeses.

2007 Golden Kaan Shiraz – Western Cape, South Africa $10
Shiraz, please… not syrah, has enough notes of ripe berry and cherry, cranberry and peppery spice to pair it with roasts, grilled meats and pungent cheeses.

2007 Golden Kaan Pinotage – Western Cape, South Africa $10
Pinotage is a red grape that is South Africa's signature variety. It was bred there in 1925 as a cross between Pinot noir and Cinsaut. It typically produces deep red varietal wines with smoky and earthy flavors, sometimes with notes of bananas and tropical fruit. This wine has a classic ruby red color with a fruit forward palate of plum and raspberries as well as notes of green olives, sage and tobacco. Friendly tannins make it easy to drink and to pair with roast leg of lamb, spicy foods, olives or just about any food you can think of.

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